ViableGrid LowPAN SDK - IOT




Released 2019

About Project

OpenThread released by Nest is an open-source implementation of Thread®. Nest has released OpenThread to make the networking technology used in Nest products more broadly available to developers, in order to accelerate the development of products for the connected home. The SDK i have build works with UDP and TCP over Android and it has Unicast, Multicast, Anycast functionality. You will be able to check more about my implementation on the diagram. But it can hold a lot of sockets open on either protocol completely offline. Ask me more if you are interested about the implementation!

More info

You can see the illustration of the devices. These devices are working with OpenThread running Android Things which runs my LowPAN SDK over it and my MessagingSDK together with a BLE brindge as an option for any incoming connection. You are able to connect a phone to a OpenThread network without ANY CONNECTION and all the devices inside are connected to any incoming and listening for any on the same channel and key. Pure Phone -> IOT Connection - Completely OFFLINE. And you can find more on the ViableGrid website or simply ask me. I have worked with Nordics team and personally know them. Good friends.