Released 2019

About Project

Thanks for choosing RecipeBook. This application purpose is intended to serve as an example of work with Firebase Firestore and a good Android MVVM Clean Architecture. It has all the functionality a normal application would have and even more. It looks beautiful and it have a nice flow and design. Make sure you check out my other work. It contains features like: - Main Page with Recipes - Recipes Categories - Calendar with specific type of meal on the day you need - Shopping List to add the products that you want for specific recipes - Cookbook to store all your favourite recipes - Export and Import your recipes to other people - Share your recipe with other people - Timer for specific recipe - Rating of recipes - Cook and prep time for recipes - Shopping list and ingredients - Preparation steps and directions over the cooking period - Checking the steps until you are done with specific recipe All of this is done and works fine. Please let me know if you need specific features. Hope you like it.