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Niki Izvorski

CTO / Lead Android Developer

About Me

My interests are in Mobile Applications and Android Development, IOT (Internet of Things), Bluetooth, BLE Mesh, Offline Technology and Communications. A big fan of proper CI/CD and good architecture. Not a stranger to Unit Testing, Instrumental Testing, E2e the whole stack. I have 9 years of Android Development Experience building apps of which 5 are in professional environment. I started developing apps in University back at 2011. Based in London.


Android Development

Building Mobile Native applications for Android with Kotlin and Java and the latest tools.

IOT Development

Developing and guidance for Internet of Things based products. 6LoWPAN, LoRA, Zigbee, SigFox and IOT CloudsSiliconLabs.

Offline Communications

Development offline applications with Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, 6LowPAN, Thread, BLE Mesh and more.


Always think about scaling and architecture. Best in mobile development MVP, MVVM, MVI, KotlinMultiplatform.


Need help from an expert in the industry about your project? Mobile applications and offline connectivity?


Help and support over the product full cycle of development. From Architecture to CI/CD and Testing to the end product.



Released 2019


Released 2019


Released 2019

ViableGrid LowPAN SDK

Released 2019

ViableGrid Messaging SDK

Released 2019

IceBreaker X

Released 2018

Proxima Offline

Released 2018

Google EAP - Offline Communications

Released 2018

BuckleUp Dating

Released 2017

The Book Library

Released 2017


Released 2017


Released 2016

Alarm Clock

Released 2017


Released 2017

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